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3 things you should do if a driver is tailgating you

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

One of the most annoying behaviors you may have to deal with when driving is tailgating. This behavior can be very frustrating and intimidating. More so, it is dangerous, and the risk of a rear-end collision is high since the other driver has little time to brake.

On the other hand, tailgating can trigger road rage incidents, increasing the chances of aggressive driving. So, to avoid any of these issues, follow these steps. 

Change lanes

If you can change lanes safely, do so. This can be an easy way to free yourself of the tailgating vehicle. Besides, you will allow the tailgating driver to pass you and avoid risky situations. Alternatively, you can pull into a parking lot or gas station to let the other driver pass.

Slow down

Sometimes, letting the tailgater pass becomes impossible or even unsafe. In this situation, you should consider slowing down. Usually, a tailgating driver may want you to speed up, which is unsafe. However, by decelerating, you will create extra space to stop if necessary and lessen the degree of damage and injuries in case of a crash.

Be calm and control your road rage

Having a tailgating driver can be irritating and infuriating. So, while you might think of honking, braking abruptly or using foul language or even gestures, it is advisable not to escalate the situation. Besides, you don’t know if the other driver is armed or dealing with a psychological problem. 

So, instead of engaging in road rage, stay calm and remember that it could mean the difference between a safe drive home and a risky or even fatal crash.

A less than three seconds gap is tailgating. So, if someone tailgates you and rear-ends you, they are at fault. While you cannot prevent such a collision, you can seek compensation if you get injured.