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What can you do to be safer when you run?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You know that going for a daily jog is great for your health, but it also comes with risks. Not only could you be hurt while running, but you may be running near the road, and that means that you face a certain level of risk from cars. 

How can you reduce this risk? You just need to know how to be safe. Here are a few useful tips

Become visible 

You want to be as visible as you possibly can when you’re near the road. You can do this by wearing bright clothing, wearing reflective clothing at night or even wearing a lighted vest. 

Run against traffic 

You want to stick to the sidewalks as much as you can, but there are also times when you don’t have any option. If you do have to run on the side of the road, make sure that you are facing traffic and running against it. 

Don’t listen to music 

Listening to headphones while you run may sound enticing, but it can also increase your risks by distracting you and preventing you from hearing the traffic nearby. You’re better off running without anything covering your ears, whether music or an audiobook. 

Assume you haven’t been seen 

Always assume drivers have never seen you. Be cautious, recognizing the fact that they often don’t even look for runners, and remember that you’re the one who’s going to suffer injuries in a crash. 

Of course, even taking all these safety steps doesn’t mean that a negligent driver won’t hit you. You also need to know what legal options you have to seek financial compensation for those injuries.