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Aggressive driving is dangerous and could turn deadly

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Aggressive driving is something that’s widely accepted in some areas of the country. Drivers who see this type of behavior on the roads may not think much about the actions of those individuals. One thing that they should realize is that aggressive driving can lead to serious crashes.

There are many actions that are considered aggressive driving. These include speeding, swerving in and out of lanes, tailgating, and passing on the shoulder of the road. Some drivers might even follow vehicles or run red lights when they’re driving in this manner. Others become so aggressive that they physically attack other drivers.

How can you protect yourself from aggressive drivers?

You should ensure that you have plenty of time to get to where you’re going. Trying to rush could mean that you start to speed or drive aggressively yourself. Instead, take steps to ensure that you can remain calm while you drive.

Put on your seatbelt before you put the vehicle in motion. This can help to keep you protected from some injuries if the aggressive driver decides to slam into your vehicle. Ideally, you will slow down or move as far away from that driver as possible.

Keeping these situations from escalating is another priority. Never try to make contact with a driver who’s driving in this manner. You should also ignore obscene gestures.

Anyone who’s involved in a crash with an aggressive driver should understand the importance of getting proper medical care. Some injuries, such as those involving the brain, may not show up right away. There are strict laws regarding these personal injury cases in New Jersey, so be sure you understand your rights and responsibilities in these cases. Also, take action swiftly because state law sets time limits on this type of case.