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The connection between speed and the risk of a crash fatality

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Some people view speed limits as an annoyance. They dislike how the posted speed limit affects their daily lives, possibly by making their commutes longer. Some drivers will exceed the posted speed limit by quite a bit. They may be in a rush to get somewhere, or they may not realize the actual speed limit for the area.

Often, people face consequences for speeding because a police officer pulls them over. However, a driver could also face consequences for speeding in the form of liability for the car crash or even a civil lawsuit by someone affected in a collision.

Speeding is both illegal and dangerous

There is a direct correlation between exceeding the speed limit and the risk of a fatal crash. Higher speeds mean more momentum and more damage in the event of a collision. Speed can also mean that a driver doesn’t respond in time to someone merging into the flow of traffic.

As you might already assume, speed can have a major impact on how severe a collision turns out to be. According to an analysis of crash data from 2019 performed by the National Safety Council, approximately 26% of all fatal crashes involved a speeding vehicle. Speeding caused a shocking 9,478 deaths in 2019, which amounts to more than 25 people every day. 

If the other driver admits to speeding, and forensic analysis of the crash makes it clear that they were going over the legal limit or if their driving history shows frequent citations for excess speed, that could strengthen any claim you make after a collision. Holding someone responsible for the damages they caused in a motor vehicle crash related to speeding may require an insurance claim or even a civil lawsuit.