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How a seemingly minor injury could be catastrophic

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are many car accident cases in which catastrophic injuries are apparent immediately, and the person gets taken to the hospital for treatment. But there are also cases where the person appears to be fine or may appear to have minor injuries, but they actually have catastrophic injuries. If they don’t realize it, these could become fatal since they won’t get treatment right away.

You need to know that this can happen to help illustrate why it’s so important to go to a medical center after a car accident. Even those who don’t think that they have serious injuries should talk to a medical team to make sure.

The risk of internal bleeding around the brain

There are many different types of injuries that may be invisible or contained so that you can’t tell how bad they are, but one prime example is when you have bleeding around the brain. This is internal bleeding, so there’s no external evidence and there’s no break in the skull.

But that’s exactly the problem because that means that the blood between the skull and the brain tissue becomes trapped. If the bleeding doesn’t stop quickly, pressure builds up in a dramatic fashion. It may become so much that the brain cannot reabsorb the blood, and then the pressure can start to lead to cellular death within the brain. This is when someone who decided that it was time to “sleep it off” or “tough it out” may suddenly have fatal complications, all from what they thought was just a minor headache after the crash.

If you do lose a loved one in a car accident or if you suffer very serious injuries like those noted above, you need to know how to seek financial compensation from the driver who caused the crash.