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Some of the more common causes of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Anyone who drives has likely been on the road near a semitruck at some point. These rigs are very large and heavy, but provide a vital service to the country. The individuals who drive these rigs are trained to do so. Many of them drive safely, but there are times when negligence can lead to a semitruck crash. This includes things like trucker fatigue or distractions.

What some people don’t realize is that semitruck crashes aren’t always the fault of the trucker. There are several other causes of these wrecks that you should know. 

A closer look at the more common causes

Improper maintenance or subpar components can lead to crashes. These rigs have to be maintained properly or they won’t work correctly. Brakes that aren’t in good condition could lead to a trucker slamming into vehicles in front of them. A faulty hitching system could mean that a trailer becomes a self-propelled and uncontrollable projectile.

Another cause of crashes is improperly secured cargo. In some cases, truckersmight have missed something, even when taking care. Cargo that’s not secured correctly can cause the semitruck to become impossible to steer. It could also come loose from the rig, go flying, and land in the traffic lanes.

Anyone who’s injured in a semitruck crash may opt to seek compensation for the financial damages they suffered. It’s critical that they do this as quickly as possible because state law limits the amount of time they have to do this. It’s possible to reduce the stress of the legal case if you work with someone who’s familiar with these cases.