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Advocates push for proactive enforcement in New York

| Sep 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

People in New York have made the news as they push for stricter traffic laws within the city. As of a Sept. 14 news report, there have been over 188 traffic-related deaths in New York in 2021 alone, and the year is not yet over. 

This large number of fatalities is a serious problem. Proactive enforcement is one option that people in the state have been suggesting would be helpful. 

What is proactive enforcement?

Proactive enforcement is a type of enforcement in which a police officer is actively involved in investigating or preventing a crime. This may include actions such as pulling over speeding drivers or just remaining visible as a deterrent to traffic crimes. 

Policing goes largely unsupervised, which means that officers may have considerable discretion when pulling over drivers. The goal should be, some argue, to stop all dangerous drivers before they can cause crashes. 

Proactive enforcement and policing may help reduce disorder and deter crime, but this practice can’t prevent all collisions. Drivers do have to act responsibly to avoid causing serious or fatal collisions.

What can you do to stay safer on the road?

Since New York City can be congested, it’s a good idea to get to know your route before you go. You can also drive slowly and be sure to use your turn signals and hazard lights when necessary. Taking these steps may help you avoid a crash with another driver.

If you still are involved in a crash and lose a loved one as a result, then you may want to look into pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. This lawsuit may help you obtain compensation to cover funeral expenses, medical care and other losses.