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Personal injuries sustained in an automobile accident can be devastating. The repercussions of a serious injury can impact the most important aspects of your life, including your health, finances and family relationships. The best outcomes occur when the injured party has advocates who work tirelessly on their behalf and have their best interests at heart.

We are attorneys with extensive experience in personal injury litigation involving automobile accidents. Our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and insurance carriers. This sets us apart from other firms as we understand the goals of each party in any personal injury litigation because of this experience on both sides of the aisle. This knowledge and experience enables us to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

Our firm was founded in Garfield, New Jersey and is currently located in Montvale. We are a short drive from New York, Newark, Paramus, Upper Saddle River, Mahwah, Ramsey and most Northern New Jersey towns.

If you cannot come to us for a consultation, we will come to you upon request.

As attorneys, our role is to advocate for your best interests. We are here to make sure you are heard and attain the best possible outcome. Call today to speak with your advocate.

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Each case is unique and requires different tactics to achieve the best possible outcome. Representing insurance carriers and personal injury clients affords our firm the ability to serve the interests of parties based upon the facts of the matter, whether they are pursuing a claim or defending against one. This experience on both sides allows us to better serve the interests of every party we represent.

Further, our defense of insurance carriers extends beyond automobile accidents. Our firm represents carriers engaged in fraud investigations, property loss investigations and other matters.

The expertise our firm has developed by representing the interests of insurance carriers and personal injury clients in Newark and New Jersey is unmatched. We encourage you to call today to speak with your advocate.

Our familiarity with the court system of Northern New Jersey, particularly Bergen and Passaic County, has helped our injury attorneys to develop longstanding relationships with other attorneys and an excellent reputation for professionalism, candor and service.

By way of example, our senior associate Charles Rabolli, Jr. served as a Municipal Prosecutor in Mahwah and held the office of President of the Passaic County Bar Association. These experiences build connections and are respected within the legal community. We know the Newark courts and our clients benefit from this knowledge, our reputation, connections and unique perspective.

You should call as soon as possible.  The statute of limitations in New Jerseymay bar your injury claim if you wait too long, so it is always best to seek legal representation as soon after you are aware of an issue as possible.  Even if you are uncertain, it is best to call right away.  Our friendly staff will direct you to a member of our firm that can help you with your issue.  You will not be charged for the initial call and you will not be bound to hire our firm.  Our goal is to give you a complete and honest explanation of your situation.  We will offer our services if we believe our advocacy can help your injury case.